What to wear with white jeans: cobalt blue and gray heather.

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Cobalt blue georgette top, cobalt bag from a few years back, white jeans, and oweing to the season, wool flannel jacket. A bronze skinny belt finishes it off. First decent day this week that is not raining, this is the outfit! Moms, top is tunic length with a button front, not too sheer that it showed the nursing clips on my bra and it dips low at the back hem. You can nurse in this top for sure.

Chanel jacket progress

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I am just about up to quilting the pieces. This is a process, let me tell you, and it’s the very thing that at first I’m quick to say “oh, what have I gotten myself into.”

It involves first, pinning the lining to the jacket (wrong sides together) piece, then hand-basting up and down the jacket in rows, then machine-quilting these along those rows, (keeping jacket and lining grainlines aligned) then pulling the sewn threads so they are between layers, knotting them and THEN removing the basting. Fourteen pieces. Gulp.

It’s about, I figure, close to a half hour per piece so that’s 7 hours of quilting before we even get to sew the jacket pieces! BUT, before I start hyperventilating and cutting out an unlined, serged jacket (same jacket, that’s the actual style of this particular one) in a chevron silk twill, I must remember, that THIS is the reason I chose this jacket. To do this very process.

But I still might cut out that silk twill, LOL. Then at least I’ll have one jacket done in the time it took me to quilt two pieces of the couture version.

And truth be told, I have four other projects that are in between this too – some fast ones, some slower ones – and the Chanel jacket, which is  a process, a lovingly precise, beautifully slow process.

Use the Good Stuff: day 15: use your stash

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What do you stash? You know, the stuff you buy to do things with. Food items? Cookbooks? Yarn? Fabric? Sewing Patterns? Wood? Beads? Whatever you stash, dive into it when you take on your next project. I’m not talking getting making back out of the dormancy, that’s a different post, I’m talking about taking makers and making them use their stuff.

I have fabric. A lot of fabric. I have this mint green vinyl pleather from who knows when. But today, it’s being cut into an awesome backpack purse from HotPatterns, the Palladium Backpack. It’s bigger than it looks on the pattern envelope, I think. Bigger than those nylon ones you see kids carry. And this pleather/vinyl? Plush, and just the color for spring 2013!

What are you stashing? Dive in your stash. Be inspired!

White Jeans in winter

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White Jeans in winter

White Jeans in winter by asiegle featuring nine west

What to wear with white jeans – winter

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What to wear with white jeans - winter

What to wear with white jeans – winter by asiegle featuring akris

Use the Good Stuff day 14: exercise videos

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Chances are you have something like this at your house too. Pilates, yoga, buns of steel whatever. Get them out and add variety to your workouts. I personally love gorgeous Hawaiian vistas in mine. In a cold winter night it makes this downright enjoyable to be in yoga pants, barefoot, in a tank top!

Very slow sewing of the couture Chanel jacket

Step three of ten. Fuse knit interfacing to every jacket panel


and piece. There are fourteen pieces. Jamming to deep house club music as I press and hold the iron in place over the pieces. It isn’t ironing. It is pressing.

And that’s it on this project for today, an hour standing at my ironing board. I’m pushing ahead a whole slate of turquoise projects this winter. In fact, I’m going to call this my “emerald” period.

  1. Kwik Sew 3609 swimsuit, strapless maillot with side & back cutouts in emerald nylon/lycra swimsuit fabric
  2. The aqua and brown boucle Chanel jacket, Christine Jonson Princess Jacket from the Angela Wolf Couture class on PatternReview.com
  3. Hot Patterns Palladium Backpack in aqua pleather
  4. Jalie bicycle Jersey made into a  jacket in turquoise Polartec PowerFleece for my almost-6yo DD

When I emerge from my “emerald period”, I’ll update you of the color change on the thread in my sewing machine and serger!

Depending upon the weather, I have white faux ermine to make a couple of vests, myself and my DD.

What to wear with white jeans – winter

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What to wear with white jeans - winter

What to wear with white jeans – winter by asiegle featuring a red long sleeve shirt

Use the Good Stuff: day 13. Uhm, use the NEW stuff?

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So this series is all about buying nothing and using what you have. So what was I doing buying new white designer jeans at a sum of money that is way outside my thrift-and-secondhand-boutique price range? I have no idea what came over me, except these jeans made me look super hot!

Look, I’m a 43 year old mother of two. I’m in reasonably good shape, I’m, by fortunate genetics, thin and petite. But things sag, even small petite things, and my rear view looked so awesome in these white jeans! I also bought a slightly sheer georgette sleevless tunic in a lovely cobalt blue, with a tie neck. To wear with these white jeans. Except they cover up my derriere (but they’re sheer, you can still see through it at least.)

I justified this purchase by saying I’d wear them all the time – and I have been on the hunt for white jeans from all of my consignment, thrift and other discount stores for a long time. But they were either nonexistent – one can imagine at thrift it is harder to find a decent pair of white jeans that are not stained – or of such flimsy fabric as to be see-through. And in a jean, a white jean, you do NOT want see through.

But I’ll be posting about these jeans again (and again, and again) so eventually they’ll be part of ‘use the good stuff’. Even if I am hanging my head in a bit of shame for being so hypocritical this week!

As with all purchases, I came home thinking of the 9,756 outfits I would make from these jeans and that I would never need to buy anything else (at that price, I shouldn’t shop for months!) You know that’s not the way we work, right, so I vow to take a photo of these jeans and keep it in my phone for the next time temptation strikes.  I went in looking to get myself something pretty – the top was pretty all on it’s own. The jeans were pure decadence.

The same lovely little boutique posted about some sales going on today, and I almost thought “oh I should stop in again”. I haven’t even WORN the white jeans yet, LOL. As I tried them on at home to consider the hem length, the tag said they were the “Icon” jeans (Joe’s Jeans) and I thought, yep, these are certainly iconic. With a black jacket, a white tee and some big shades, stilettos, even I could be an icon in them!  It’s like a great pencil skirt, you just can’t go wrong.

You can wear white jeans in the winter with a heather gray cashmere turtleneck and camel wrap coat. You can wear them under a big cozy sweater with boots. You can wear them the first warm day with a striped top and spring green capelet. You can wear them with a silver drapey tee and long slinky necklaces to drinks with the girls in the summer. I’ll definitely be wearing them with the couture boucle jacket! But the good news is, you can wear them everywhere, because, at this price, you’ll want to get all the wearing you can out of them!

I will say this – the experience of this little shop, the shopkeeper/owner, a young woman in business for herself, was delightful. We are blessed to have a number of these little boutiques in town run by women. I took nearly an hour in a small shop without my kids in tow to try on several things, examine them in the mirror, decide if they were for me or not. And for that experience, those jeans are worth every penny I paid!

Slow sewing

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Today I’m doing slow sewing. I cut out the lining of my couture jacket and the interfacing. And that’s it. Yep. I’m not fusing, sewing, anything. Just taking this slow and savoring the beauty of the fabric and the process. I did this for just over an hour, and decided that was it for the evening. I’ll do more tomorrow evening – a fusing session before tackling the quilting probably the following weekend. Lots of sewing projects are competing for my attention right now – a Kwik Sew swimsuit for myself, a Jalie bicycling jacket for my DD, the couture jacket and some easy-to-sew separates from my favorite designer, @christinejonson.

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