Sew Paradise

Cut the nursing coat!

Yay, I managed to cut the Elizabeth Lee nursing/babywearing coat (baby was napping). I am making it out of a red tweedy knit that is backed with faux sherpa in black. Very chic. I’m reversing the facings so the black edges show. I am going to take my time, do a nice job, and enjoy this coat this spring and next fall and winter.

I’ll post a few photos of it in progress (probably next weekend – my sewing machine is in the shop).

I also managed to draft a BOOB style nursing top. I saw a beautiful nursing tunic by BOOB with bishop’s cuffs (gathered over a tall, straight cuff), a front yoke, with gathers at the front shoulders (I’ll also add CB gathers for a nice detail). And their innovative and simple empire nursing opening – just a high underlay with elastic under an empire seam. The high underlay goes over your bust, the empire down over it so you just lift and adjust as needed. I made it vee neck like the one I saw, with a collar band (I think this will help me get more professional results – by sewing on a knit band to the collar).  I think I may make this out of leftovers of the blue or rose knits that I bought last summer in Toronto. Yes, I have other nursing tops in these colors, but it’s not like you’d wear two tops at the same time, so I think it’s OK.

And I intend to nurse this baby for at least two years. She’s 10 months old now – that’s another year of nursing at least. Maybe she’ll nurse til she’s 3, who knows?

Will I have a second baby to nurse? That’s a post for another blog. Right now I’m just sewing for this nursling!