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I went to work with a clutch…

This morning, it took us seven bags, two kids, a carseat and a dog to get to work. But by the time I walked in my office door, I came in with just a clutch purse and a breastpump. I felt at once both free in a Wheeeeee! kind of way, and sad. My 9 month old son is going to day care. And I’m a working mother.

But this also underscored the fact that I don’t love the clutch I carried, and I need to make myself one that I do love. I design handbags, but I’ve yet to design a clutch that is big enough for myself (silly, I know).

And I toted way too much baby gear (two bags’ worth) for a 4-hour day care and a 4-hour office trip for the babe. Are you a ‘bag lady’ too? You know what I mean, you suffer from ‘if I have it with me, I can handle any emergency’. I’m going to have to learn to be more of a minimalist. And sew a new clutch!