Sew Paradise Sewing idea list

more baby sling sewing

No, no, not for me, but my neighbors are expecting babies! I think a divine gift would be a ring sling, and maybe a teething necklace and bracelet set, for my uber-fashionable neighbors (they keep me on my toes!) I’m quite excited they are both having new babies this summer. It’s been such a wonderful place – all this new life, it’s really got some mojo here on Virginia Ave going on. Between the three of us, we have 7 children age 5 or under.

And I will make a couple of gift/donation slings for the LLL table / raffle at the mom 2 mom sale. And another one for our La Leche League birth 2 baby fair table, too. Plus, a friend is expecting, and while she likes her two-shouldered carriers, she wanted a sling for quick trips into the store (nothing beats a sling for that poppability.)

I love my slings. I also have three wrapped carriers, an Ergo, two pouch slings and a borrowed Baby K’tan. But I reach for my ring slings again and again. I like their fashionable aspect (yes, the Ergo is comfy but it’s a black backpack…), I like that I can slide the baby sideways, nurse him and cover his head with the tail of the sling. I even did this when he was five weeks old at a new prospective client pitch meeting! No kidding! Nursing, next to my programmer, across from my three clients. I just tucked him under it under the guise that he’d just ‘go to sleep’ and he, by then, could find his way pretty easily to nurse with a bit of help.