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Brrrr. It’s definitely fall now

And there’s a dearth of dress pants in my closet. Three pairs, maybe? So I must get to those wool windowpane pants, the front-seamed slate blue heavy wool jersey, gray wool jersey (probably same seamed) and the luxe black herringbone that Christine Jonson sent over.

I received my order of two luscious rayon jersey knits in gorgeous watercolor prints, Anna Sui black gossamer open-weave sweater knit and the black herringbone about a week ago, and opened it on my birthday. Lovely! The black gossamer will be the drape-front jacket from the Travel Trio One set. I like the idea of an open, drapey cardi that fits slim and elegant. The sheer will be lovely and it will be totally sweatercoat. Sorry, cardicoat.

The herringbone is going to become the flare leg pant and fitted jacket – a new pant suit! Been a long time since I had a pant suit that fit me. There’s a gray one that I’ll wear the jacket as ‘boyfriend jacket’ this fall, but it’s too big for me now (even though, once upon a time, it fit well. That was 12 years ago.)

And the two prints are for tops. I haven’t decided which tops yet, but tops for sure.

Plus, Hot Patterns Three Graces tee and Jeans Jeanius Trouser Jeans are on their way to me now, too. I have a silver jersey for the Three Graces cowl tee set aside, and some dark denim (the leftover iridescent denim) for the trouser jeans. Camel corduroy might also be on tap for the trouser jeans. I think there might even be some teal corduroy.

I still have the cashmere I promised Sue I’d sew (she was with me when I spent $140 on a single piece of fabric.) Been more than a year now, so it’s time. That’s definitely a poncho, a now out-of-print Vogue one.I’ll choose view C, with the buttons down the side and the foldover collar. It reminds me almost exactly of something I saw in Paris. I think a cape/wrap/poncho is a timeless garment, now. Same with cardicoats, straight or wide leg trousers, dark denim boot cut jeans and turtlenecks. Trench coats. Something you can make now and wear five or ten years from now.

Parisian poncho in 100% cashmere
Parisian poncho in 100% cashmere

That’s a worthy garment to construct. Wear with cream wool trousers, or gray wool trousers and a turtleneck. In the winter, I wear them in my office inside, because it’s very cold in my office, despite a space heater. In the fall and spring, in lieu of a coat.

The weather has turned from summer sundresses to capes and coats in a matter of weeks now. But the day was a lovely, bright fall day, and a reminder the days to wear wraps are coming to a close, and I must take advantage of them. Tomorrow, my brown cashmere ruana over cream wool pants and a turtleneck, probably with a vest or jacket under the wrap.

And that circular ruffled fleece wrap I concepted two years ago while seeing similar ones at the outdoor market in Avignon? I’m off to look at that ruana and measure for the circular cut now.

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