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Want to learn to sew your own handmade wardrobe? Join me here!

From pattern reviews of popular sewing patterns, to wardrobe planning the EASY way, Ann is a sewist who loves EASY to sew garments, building a sustainable wardrobe and trying new sewing pattern designers.

Ann has worked with sewing pattern designers on marketing, design, social media strategy and execution, search engine optimization, live video, photographic and written content.

On the product side, Ann has helped sewing pattern companies with product planning, pattern design (including pattern covers, technical writing, file preparation and digital fulfillment) website design, management and product fulfillment for online, retail and wholesale. Ann understands the biz – but also, is a passionate and talented sewist.

Latest Blog Posts:

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    Build your me made capsule wardrobe FAST by sewing multiple pants at once. I’m sewing the Pietra Pants by Closet Core Patterns It’s no secret, […]
  • Sewing a casual work from home wardrobe
    What do you sew for a casual work from home wardrobe when you want to be stylish and put together? Choose to sew basic garments […]
  • Sew a French Girl-Inspired Wardrobe
    Sew your own French Girl-inspired spring wardrobe using popular sewing patterns The French seem to have a certain je ne sais quoi in their dressing. […]
  • Spring Break Road Trip Capsule Wardrobe
    Sew a spring break road trip capsule wardrobe for the mid-Atlantic coast Luna Pants – woven jogger pants by Made by Rae Toaster Sweater – […]
  • Cambria Duster
    Pattern review for the Cambria Duster by Friday Pattern Company by Ann Siegle of Sew Paradise I picked up the Cambria Duster and some camel […]
Free Sewing Wardrobe Planner

Download the FREE sewing wardrobe planner that Ann developed (and shared with her sewing pattern designer clients). It’s a super easy way to build a wardrobe that works with what you have and doesn’t require you to sew a lot of garments.