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Want to learn to sew your own handmade wardrobe? Join me here!

From pattern reviews of popular sewing patterns, to wardrobe planning the EASY way, I’m here to share with you EASY to sew garments, building a sustainable wardrobe and trying new sewing pattern designers.

I especially love creating content for how to modify patterns, add design details, including video content and tutorials. If you want to take a pattern make it 3 times or more and have each one be unique, yet fit wonderfully into your wardrobe, you’re at the right spot! You’ve invested time and energy into that pattern, don’t just sew it one time!

More than just sewing hacks, Sew Paradise is a blog about the process of developing a handmade wardrobe that reflects your lifestyle. Come sew with me!

Here, you’ll find bi-weekly sewing projects, up to 4-5 projects per month. Learn how to use mending (yes, mending!) to bridge the gap between a finished project and not quite motivated to start another. Plan to sew stash where you can, and favor local in person and independent online fabric stores for things you need to purchase.

There’s a bit of upcycling in this blog, so you’ll see how to refashion garments to create a less throw-away lifestyle.

And through it all, you’ll see mainly EASY to sew, beginner-level sewing patterns and projects. This is not the blog for a couture tailored suit or a wedding gown. Nope, nada, run fast away from those projects. This blog is about crafting an easy to sew and easy to wear wardrobe for a casual, active life. You’ll find tips for sewing casual pants, tops, turtlenecks, dresses, cropped pants, shorts, tee shirts, swimwear, jackets, blazers and more. All the stuff you need to live in everyday!

Ann has worked with sewing pattern designers on marketing, design, social media strategy and execution, search engine optimization plus creating unique live video, photographic and written content.

Ann has helped sewing pattern companies with product planning, pattern design (including pattern covers, technical writing, file preparation and digital fulfillment) website design, management and product fulfillment for online, retail and wholesale. Ann understands the biz – but also, is a passionate and talented sewist.

Have I reviewed a pattern? Search here to see if the one you want to sew is one that I have sewn! (at

This blog is completely BIASED and it should be. I’m giving you my tried-and-tested advice, from decades of sewing, working with sewing pattern brands. No ChatGPT AI content here, this is all real stuff!

Two Seams Sewing Challenge

Two Seams Daily Sewing Challenge

How to sew more in less time by sewing Two Seams a Day! How long does it take to sew two seams? Less than ten minutes, usually. And yet, you have projects stacked up and languishing in your UFO basket, right? So do I! In fact, I have more than 500 sewing patterns, a whole…

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Sewing Project Rescues

What do you do when you’ve mortally wounded your sewing project? We’ve all done it, from cutting too small to slicing a hole when you’re just about done, to getting it caught in dye in the washer. Slice/cut into a finished garment? Here’s how to rescue it: Ever cut into a buttonhole, slice through the…

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Sewing Pattern Review NewLook 6768 Mimi G Cape

NL6768 Cape

I chose this pattern because it was a NL release of a Vogue Pattern that MimiG made popular in about 2010 or so. This is my sewing pattern review of the New Look 6768 cape pattern. What I liked best – the style of this cape. It’s very distinctive, modeled after a YSL cape that…

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Sewing Pattern Review Hot Patterns 1182 Pretzel Sweatshirt

HotPatterns 1182 Pretzel Sweatshirt

You will love this sweatshirt! Sewing pattern review of HotPatterns 1182 Pretzel Sweatshirt coming right up! First off, I have this in print (It’s available for digital download from the HotPatterns Etsy store, link below:) so I’ve had it a long time. Why did I not make this before? It’s FAST, it’s stylish, it goes…

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