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Want to learn to sew your own handmade wardrobe? Join me here!

From pattern reviews of popular sewing patterns, to wardrobe planning the EASY way, I’m here to share with you EASY to sew garments, building a sustainable wardrobe and trying new sewing pattern designers.

I especially love creating content for how to modify patterns, add design details, including video content and tutorials. If you want to take a pattern make it 3 times or more and have each one be unique, yet fit wonderfully into your wardrobe, you’re at the right spot! You’ve invested time and energy into that pattern, don’t just sew it one time!

More than just sewing hacks, Sew Paradise is a blog about the process of developing a handmade wardrobe that reflects your lifestyle. Come sew with me!

Here, you’ll find bi-weekly sewing projects, up to 4-5 projects per month. Learn how to use mending (yes, mending!) to bridge the gap between a finished project and not quite motivated to start another. Plan to sew stash where you can, and favor local in person and independent online fabric stores for things you need to purchase.

There’s a bit of upcycling in this blog, so you’ll see how to refashion garments to create a less throw-away lifestyle.

And through it all, you’ll see mainly EASY to sew, beginner-level sewing patterns and projects. This is not the blog for a couture tailored suit or a wedding gown. Nope, nada, run fast away from those projects. This blog is about crafting an easy to sew and easy to wear wardrobe for a casual, active life. You’ll find tips for sewing casual pants, tops, turtlenecks, dresses, cropped pants, shorts, tee shirts, swimwear, jackets, blazers and more. All the stuff you need to live in everyday!

Ann has worked with sewing pattern designers on marketing, design, social media strategy and execution, search engine optimization plus creating unique live video, photographic and written content.

Ann has helped sewing pattern companies with product planning, pattern design (including pattern covers, technical writing, file preparation and digital fulfillment) website design, management and product fulfillment for online, retail and wholesale. Ann understands the biz – but also, is a passionate and talented sewist.

Have I reviewed a pattern? Search here to see if the one you want to sew is one that I have sewn! (at

This blog is completely BIASED and it should be. I’m giving you my tried-and-tested advice, from decades of sewing, working with sewing pattern brands. No ChatGPT AI content here, this is all real stuff!

Add a pleat to the hem of wide leg pants

Sewing a pleat into wide leg pants (or wide-r leg pants) is easy and adds a fun design element. I’ll also share a few pants patterns that have this detail. You can do this to both purchased and handsewn pants. I did this with a pair of OOP Simplicity sewing pattern navy linen pants after…

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All the sewing patterns I’ll be sewing in 2023

Sew Paradise 2023 sewing pattern roundup

I’ve purchased a round of (mainly printed, some digital) sewing patterns this winter/spring and these are patterns I’ll take through 2023. They fulfill several wardrobe holes and a few goals. I really NEED a new wallet and the EverydayEssentials by Noodlehead has two of them, along with curved top zipper bags and a big tote….

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Pattern Review: Megan Nielsen Hovea Jacket & Coat

Megan Nielsen Hovea Sew Paradise Review

It’s Me Made May and the only garment I’ve actually made so far in May 2023 is this Megan Nielsen Hovea Jacket & Coat. Here’s my pattern review of it! The Hovea (shown below, from Megan Nielsen Patterns) is a casual jacket and coat that is available in 3 lengths, lined, unlined, quilted, bound or…

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Sew a Reversible Hoodie Jacket


Sewing pattern review and tips to sew a reversible hoodie jacket. This sewing pattern review (tips, and a link to a sewalong I did for this sewing pattern client some years ago) is beginner-friendly knit sewing pattern that is fun to sew, super soft in rayon/lycra and offers a lot of fun options for color…

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Is sewing turning into a Millennial-dominant hobby?

Is sewing turning into a Millennial dominant hobby? And what does that mean for other generations of sewists? The other day I was working on a project with my hands and I wanted to listen to something, so I thought, why not a sewing podcast? I got three minutes into four different podcasts and turned…

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Free Sewing Wardrobe Planners & Free Downloads

MakeNine Just Pants

Make 9 Grid Planner

Sketch out your Make 9 Grid for sewing projects using this free downloadable

Free Sewing Wardrobe Planner

Easy Sewing Planner

Pick one, sew two (or pick two, sew one) helps you build your handmade wardrobe easily and sustainably. Free download.

Greenbush Top & Poncho

Super simple rectangular top with wide sleeves, bateau neck OR a bateau neck poncho. Easy to sew, great in floaty rayon/silk/cotton lawn fabrics for warm weather, and boiled wool, fleece, sweater knit for cold weather.

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