Ann’s Story

I started sewing when I was 9, with a wrap skirt made in a summer Rec program that I think was never hemmed and thus, never worn. I still miss that skirt. I could make another!

I then moved onto making all my boot cut jeans skinny leg jeans in the mid 1980s, and then mini skirts an hour before going to the bar at 11pm in college. I sewed a little in my 20s, but didn’t really get back into it until about 1997 when I sewed 11 sets of curtains or relaxed roman shades from an entire roll of home dec fabric for my first house. Those curtains (and blinds) are still up – having survived 12 years of our living there, and another 12 (so far) of rental tenant life. I began sewing again for myself and it just took off – blazers, pants, tops, swimwear, and eventually, most of my wardrobe (except for jeans.)

Sewing represents creative freedom, the ability to craft something out of whole cloth (where do you think we get that expression?!) Of turning something 2D into something 3D. It’s freedom, expression, and happiness, all rolled up into one.

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