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Chanel jacket

Sew Stylish blog has a tute on sewing a Chanel jacket:

And of course I got that fabulous brown and aqua wool boucle in Paris, up in the Montmartre district by the Sacre Coeur.  A pattern from my sewing software. I love her idea of making the lining first and using that as your fitting muslin. That’s a great tip. Starting with my software means a lot of the usual measurements – short waist, long arms, etc. will be all taken care of, and the fitting muslin (lining) will handle the rest. And I also liked her tip about ‘slow sewing’ – and a reminder that it’s my hobby, I’m not in a hurry. The jacket will look classic for years (after all, it was more than 50 years ago that Coco made that jacket her signature item) – and it will go marvy with my aqua nursing shell.

This project sits behind several others – all of which are waiting for my sewing machine’s return (hopefully they call me this weekend) from service. AND to top it off, I think she has the exact same brocade as I do (for her lining) though my brocade is destined to be a cropped swing jacket with kimono style sleeves.

Anyway, I feel like I could definitely handle this special jacket project. It seems very doable.

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