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Christmas sewing

I’m not done. Yes, it’s 11pm on December 23rd. But I have already told my brother and his girlfriend their gifts would be late. My daughter won’t know the difference, neither my infant son. So I figure I’ll go with that, and sew as I can. My brother is getting a bag made from sailcloth with his initials and some combo of his birthdate on it. I haven’t decided duffel, messenger or laptop style. His girlfriend (I have been writing future sister in law, that’s how much I like her) is getting my newest clutch design, the Sarah clutch (after, well, herself, Sarah!) I haven’t drafted the Sarah bag yet, so my tester will be my own version, then one for a friend, then one for the actual Sarah. Got a lot of sewing to do!

I’m killing some time waiting for cloth diapers to spin in my washer, and have been hitting some bloggers I like to read. I discovered a new pattern line on Etsy tonight thanks to some bloggers, the Wearing History line. I totally love vintage looks, and these look fun. It is cold here in the winter, so I usually wear longer skirts or pants (skirt must hit top of boot or no tight ever invented will keep your leg warm. Leggings, yes. I have even worn cross country ski leggings under a skirt before (!) But there are some dresses that can’t be worn with boots and leggings, I know this. It’s a casual look.

So what’s my next project?

Bag for my brother from sailcloth. An OOP from Mc Calls from when I was like fifteen (bags never change in style).

New Sarah clutch for Sarah

The Travel Trio Three turtleneck from Christine Jonson Patterns

Hot Patterns Weekender Renaissance tops I think with a minor adjustment on the insert panel these can become fabulous breastfeeding-friendly tops.

And the swing jacket in a wool gauze knit from Christine Jonson Patterns. This is an oldie, but the open cardi is so popular now.

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