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CJ flare leg pants

So I carefully crafted a great pair of CJ flare leg pants (patt 1010). And found out in the flourescent ‘twirly’ bulb lights in my daughter’s room where I sew, there are these nasty white streaks and blobs all over the cream stretch twill – that in the sunlight in mom’s sewing room, I never saw while constructing them. I have no idea how they got there, but having seen other flaws in other fabrics, I suspect it was the fabric. They were prewashed and in my stash for years now, and it’s possible I got some bleach on them, but highly unlikely. So! One great pair of pants, have to fix this problem. The first solution was bleach the living daylights out of them, but that weakens the fiber, so I think I may try dyeing them a slightly darker stone/khaki/cream/whatever Procion dye I happen to have hanging around that’s close. And hope it dyes evenly!

Anyway, the pants are terrific. Fit well, look marvy, fit way better than those New Look ones in the previous post (aack, sometimes you just cannot *see* the fit until you look in a photograph!)

So I promptly went ahead and cut the black ottoman rib knit for the no-zipper version of these pants. I have enough left over to make a pencil skirt, so I’ll sew both. I think I’ll be using the taper skirt pattern from BaseWear Two.

*full disclosure*

I am a web developer and marketer by profession, and a graphic designer by education. Christine Jonson is my client. But before she was my client (a very recent development) I learned to sew her patterns, and by extension, stretch knits, and became a friend. So I loved her stuff before I offered to redesign her website and help get her web marketing into shape.

’nuff said. I can never do that NAYY thing people do, because, well, she’s a client! And frankly, she’s one of the most fun, most energetic, most devoted ones I have! And yes, I promise, the new website will be up soon!

* end full disclosure*

My sewing homies will take photos of me tomorrow at our monthly sewing get together.

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