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Creating a Handy Pocket in an Unlined Jacket

20150713_195124 DIY Pocket in an Unlined Blazer or Jacket 20150713_19514420150713_19505720150713_195258This handy technique will enable you to insert an interior pocket in an unlined blazer or jacket that can hold a smart phone, ID, credit card or lipstick. I love blazers. My lined blazers (being of a woman’s cut) rarely have interior pockets like men’s jackets do. I add them when making my own lined jackets, but how do you do the same thing when you have an unlined jacket? Simple, use the facing space to create a pocket!

In this series of photos, you can see a Samsung S(about the size of an iPhone4) with plenty of room. A Samsung S3 will also fit, and so will an S6 (which is similar in size to an iPhone 6.)

The pocket is plenty big enough for credit card, cash and a lipstick tube (although I probably will not be putting a lipstick tube in this cream colored boyfriend jacket.

The technique is very simple:

  1. Sew the facing down from back neck edge to just below the buttonhole.
  2. Backstitch to secure this topstitching
  3. Then, leaving an opening roughly the size of your hand width, start the stitching on the facing down to the bottom hem stitching, and backstitch to secure
  4. You can see the L-shape, down the front facing to where the hem stitching begins

Leaving this opening allows you to slip the phone (or ID or credit card) down into the pocket created by the hem and facing. It’s secure and nearly hidden. This is a knit jacket so I wouldn’t store the phone in here, or it might stretch, but for an evening or a trip to the park with the kids, the interfacing will hold the jacket shape.

How to sew a cord for a corded buttonhole

Take six strands of standard thread, roughly the same length. Knot them all at one end. String them under your presser foot with a zigzag foot and set the stitch length to short (1.5mm) and the stitch width to medium (3-4mm). Zig zag over the threads to create the cord! Although I’m skipping showing you the buttonhole because it and I got into an argument, and it decided to be all pouty on me.


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