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fall snuck up on me

First it’s 89 degrees, and the next week I had to layer a top over a nursing tee. Which really frustrated the baby, she tried to latch on over the nursing tank since I was fiddling with layers too long for her. So it’s time to sew nursing tops for fall.

First, since I sewed a possibly wearable muslin (more on that later), the Jalie 2787 criss cross top. I am going to forego fiddling with more twin needle hems – my machine just does NOT like them. I’ll set up the serger for a lettuce edge. Which reminds me, I need a little help from my (sewing) friends on that. Tried a tube top which is cute, but that ain’t no produce on that hem, top without lettuce

So, nursing tops. Two of ’em from Jalie 2787. Then, a modified empire overlay tank from a self-drafted pattern, and possibly a few underlay tees that have the deep armholes for nursing (don’t take the top layer off!).

I also bought Elizableth Lee’s Nursing Coat with baby insert for babywearing.

I look wistfully at the beautiful  new materntity wardrobe in the August issue of BWoF, but the baby is closing in on six months old and I haven’t yet decided if I want to take down the grit and courage off the shelf and do this affair again. But that’s a topic for another blog.

And then there’s the brown travel pants. I bought some stretchy poly ponte knit that will be perfect for the Christine Jonson flare leg pants. I think there’s enough stretch on the crossgrain to skip the CB zip too. But I’ll baste it together and try it on.

I haven’t even touched the Jacket sewalong yet – but SewingRefuge is doing one this month to November. I picked the cropped and cute BWoF Jacket September #105 (I think it’s 105, maybe 106). And a navy wool twill in my stash. mmm. With topstitching. mmmm. Yummy.

So back to the wearable muslin Jalie tee. I didn’t try it on before I serged the sideseams, and oops the bottom layer has gaposis and doesn’t do much in the way of coverage. Plus the icky double needle hem failure needs to go. I’ll use a very narrow zigzag to keep some stretch. Once I take the ENTIRE thing apart. Yeah. But I refuse to admit a wadder on this cute black and white matte jersey.

Next post is on the PJ wardrobe. Because I’m in PJs by 9pm, the baby’s bedtime and I need something nicer than what I have. And I might as well admit, for some time now, I’ve been in PJs by  9pm, it’ s not just the baby 🙂

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