Sew Paradise Sewing a Couture Chanel Jacket

Finally the French boucle gets unfolded to make a couture jacket


Contemporary quilted jacket class with designer Angela Wolf at Mint green, espresso brown. I bought this in Paris in 2007, at a fabric store at the base of the Sacre Coeur in the Anvers neighborhood. A slightly (ok, a lot) eclectic neighborhood near the Metro stop Anvers, next to which is a red-light district.

A couture (think Mme Chanel herself) jacket is a perfect complement to jeans, and while it would dress up a LBD, or a pencil skirt at a meeting, it’s most effortlessly elegant with dark skinnies and ballet flats over a tee shirt. I’m making a tried-n-true jacket, the Christine Jonson Princess Seam Jacket in a short length. I’ll add pockets (perfect for my smartphone) to the front, and crochet my own trim. When I bought this fabric, I also went to buy trim, but I was so overwhelmed with the trim choices in the store I went to in Avignon in the south of France, I didn’t buy any (next time, just buy the trim!!)

Double Collar Princess Jacket

By paradise

I'm Ann. I've been sewing since I was 9. My first project was a denim wrap skirt. Thrifting is a way of life for me - both eco-chic and financially savvy.

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