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It’s not too soon to think of sewing for gifts. Even if hubby does get a job soon, I’m still making it a largely  handmade holiday. No, I’m not posting the must-sew list here, and I will keep all posts that I do share private so as to not spoil the surprise 😉

So I have to go through the stash and figure out what I have and what I might need. I’d like to sew mainly from stash if I can, but I expect I will need to buy a few things. And speaking of stash, the cabinet from my office came home yesterday and soon, I’ll be able to organize my stuff. I haven’t decided if I’m holding myself to just that particular cabinet and no other space, but I am going to certainly TRY to get it all in, and pare down some of it, too.

I’ve been so happy to sew gift items lately, not sure what’s up. But it’s appealing to the sewing diva in me, and it’s also appealing to the giver in me. I’m loving both sides of it, even though the items are leaving my life, they’re leaving with a little bit of my love sewn in. I don’t know the mother who will use my ring sling or diaper bag. But I hope she and her baby love it. And maybe I’ll run in to her at the store and know I was the one who sewed it!

With the first day of fall being today I thought I’d also start back knitting at night after peanut goes to bed. I’m working on a scarf that’s from yarn spun from my dog’s brushings. A 3×3 airy rib knit on #10s (the yarn is DK, but it’s variable like handspun is, and canine cashmere fulls quite a lot so they said to knit airily). I thought abut dyeing it when done, but you know, that it’s a soft heather brown is perfect. It smells pretty, but Zuzu has shown an interest in the yarn (and that’s not usual). Does she know that it is her hair?

And of course the stash game continues, and I haven’t sewn in three days, so I’d better get going on that tonight.

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I'm Ann. I've been sewing since I was 9. My first project was a denim wrap skirt. Thrifting is a way of life for me - both eco-chic and financially savvy.

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