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In the quest for health, just turn left

A singlet-style top, bike style shorts

The other day, I was pulling out of the preschool dropoff and had the choice of turning right, where I’d run the gauntlet of fast food, favorite sub shops and even a grocery store. Or turning left, which is largely a residential street, connecting myself to the highway, then through the outskirts of downtown, which is a food desert (and that would NOT be dessert!) I turned left. I had soup and fruit instead.

I know this is a sewing blog, and I’m getting there, promise. On Monday of this week, I signed up for a sprint triathlon – a 5k run, 13 mile bike ride and 400m open water swim in early June. I can already do the run and bike distances, so I’ll be working on time reduction there. The swim is another matter. I can probably swim 25 yards, maybe 50 comfortably, and maybe 100 gasping for air. 400? Gonna need to work on that. Plus, I haven’t run in 10 days. Or been on the bike trainer (it’s winter) in 3 weeks.

But the thing that bugged me the most about this decision is, what on earth shall I wear? There isn’t anything I do or sign up for or commit myself to that I don’t also think of what sort of gear one needs for that excursion – whether a trip to a beach destination, a ski outing or this triathlon. I plan ahead for a winter break getaway by sewing linen wide leg pants and summer tops, and I wonder if I have a pattern or two for this triathlon thing.

Jalie patterns immediately come to mind. So does Christine Jonson’s BaseWear One, with a singlet-style top and bike style shorts. I need a thinner chamois and a dry-fast one, too.

It also occurs to me in my pattern stash I have a racerback tank top style top and bike shorts pattern from McCalls, too. My goal this year is to use stuff that I have. I can purchase replacement chamois, specific for Tri garments. Plus the bonus part is I can make the top nursing friendly. I know my son will be almost two, but he’ll still be nursing and when he sees me, this is often the first thing he wants.

The small changes I made yesterday, to turn left, and this morning, to grab a homemade pumpkin bar and grapefruit instead of Quality Dairy donuts, they add up. And what gets me through it, in part, is the planning  Рwhat will the event look like, what will I wear there, how will I perform.

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