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Messenger bag

Baby’s hospital-supplied diaper bag that I take to day care is on it’s last leg. I use a big backpack style for my weekend bag, but I like to keep that stocked with things she shouldn’t need or want at day care.

I want a messenger bag. Voila, a new diaper bag! I’m going to draft my own messenger bag (using a few tutes from online to base my pattern off of). And then while putting the babe down for a nap I thought, I should add in some of the formal fabrics! But the key with formal fabrics for this project is prewashing the stuff by hand (same with the home dec, which can shrink). So I’m drafting a couple of ideas. I will use the home dec because it’s sturdy and won’t show the dirt (unless I use the black crepe), and the flap will be my point of design with the formal gown stuff.

So I’m thinking ruffles, neckline-as-pocket and other fun ideas. And I’ll be off to the formals fabric stash to find some fun things. I’m thinking a melange of fabrics – the green jaquard for ruffles, the aqua blue for the base fabric for the flap. It’s time to get out some of the fabrics!

Yeah! This has me energized and excited.

And I need a wallet too.

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