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‘Nother nursing top

It’s suddenly gotten quite cold, and my collection of summer nursing tops isn’t cutting it any longer. The one fall one I sewed last year is too big (I made it when I had not yet lost the full 55lbs – only the 30 or so I put on with the pregnancy). So I cut out the Elizabeth Lee Nursing classics 307, view 5, the twinset look. As mentioned below I have an aubergine mohair sweaterknit, a coordinating knit print in a funky paisley, and slate blue wool jersey (for pants). I got them all from Emma One Sock, so they’re quality fabrics. So last night I cut out the nursing sweater.

For those of you not in the know, a nursing twinset is basically like your average twinset, except the shell part underneath has very low/deep armholes, so you can pull one aside and give the baby her access to snacks. The top layer keeps you covered, but you can still see the baby’s eyes. I’m not sure about anyone else’s baby, but they generally hate eating under a blanket. After all, would you like to eat under a blanket?

In this pattern, it’s accomplished with a faux twinset (as it is in RTW nursing wear) so there is a single front underlayer that looks like the shell. Except in this mohair which is very airy, I also cut a second back to put on the inside so there will be a full shell, with the deep armholes, all sewn together at the shoulder seams only. I chose to use the contrast knit print on the underlayer because I think that’s fun and modern. The shell does show through on both sides, but I think the deep armholes will be unnoticeable. I’ll avoid wearing the leopard print nursing bra and instead wear a basic beige instead 😉

I also cut the cardigan mid-thigh, to make it like a sweatercoat. Just for fun.

I should have it done this weekend. I’m also ordering the Kasha flannel back satin lining for the cape. I nearly froze my tuckus off walking the dog and babe in my loden wool cape today (and it’s like 50 degrees – in the spring we’d be in shorts if it hit 50 degrees!)

I can’t wait to make the cape – I have so much blue in my wardrobe (it is my favorite color).

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