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Pant fitting day is Sunday

Four of us are headed to Christine Jonson’s for a pant fitting day on Sunday. Should be fantastic day! Lot of clothes-trying-on, getting well-fitted pants patterns, and having some fun talking and thinking sewing for an entire day! I think I need a packing list – the pant patterns (both the knit and the woven), jacket pattern, in case I get that far to try it on, a pair of high heels for hem length, my pump (still nursing!), a notebook for design ideas, and a tote bag to carry it all.

Pant Fitting Day – update!

Oh it was just delightful! The girls had such FUN trying on clothes and getting fitted. In fact it was so busy and so much fun, I forgot to try on the newest tops and patterns that are coming out soon (I always forget to do this!) But we all came home with a muslin, and I think two of us are ready to make the real pants from our pattern. I ended up fitting the flare leg pant in a size 8 to myself, rather than using the trouser pant (which I also fitted, this time in a denim, made into a 1970s-style wide leg dark denim).

Anyway, it was a very fun day, and it was a welcome break from the reality of daily life to focus on sewing! I came back inspired. Yeah, I did preorder two lengths of fabric, but hey, it was on special for the day!

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