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Sew many patterns – sewing goals for 2009

Been surfin’ the Jalie website for some new knits patterns. I’m considering a couple of the ruched top patterns that I don’t have (and Emilie posted the cutest versions of herself pregnant in them). I love 2787, the criss cross top. I’ll still wear it post-nursing for sure. If I’m not sick of it by then 😉

My sewing goal for 2009 is to sew as many of the nursing tops as I can while I’m still nursing. And then hang ’em in closet for the next potential kiddo (or friend).

And my second goal, is to sew a couple of jackets – the moto jacket and the long CJ boucle, both for spring-ish.

Sew the toddler some cute leggings, and rompers.

And finally, yes, FINALLY sew the Windowpane wool from Florence (2001!!) I think BWoF 10/2008, 132, the wide leg, side zip pant is THE one I want, after all these years. And I intend to make a wearable muslin from the mini houndstooth. I really need smaller pants. And it’s only been eight years. For pete’s sake!

This weekend I plan to get crackin’ on goal #1 with two nursing tops that I’ve already cut.

On a side note, though I have a full length mirror, I stood in front of one on campus that made me realize I am quite thin these days (dodging tomatoes). I mean, even the pants I bought last winter, from secondhand stores, are hanging off of me now! The tapeworm responsible for this is finally in bed at 10pm, too. So I need to sew the pants (probably cutting a 38 now too).

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