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Today I took my birthday off to sew. And despite the start of the day (whiny toddler, hubby with inconsistent priorities vis a vis my birthday) I got a lot done on the Hot Patterns Riviera jacket. I’m moderately happy with my topstitching (but I know what I could do next time to make it easier – interface those pocket flaps). However, when I was sewing the under collar to the collar, it was 1/2 to 3/4″ short. So, what do I do? I cut off the excess. Grrr. Ann, seriously, that is NEVER the solution. If they wanted you to cut off 3/4, they’d have made the pattern 3/4″ shorter! Honestly. So, naturally the collar is too short (duh!)

I was all in a funk then, and left for lunch with a friend who cheered me up with funny tales. Then on my drive there and back I decided I could cut another collar, determine if my failure to preshrink that interfacing was the issue, AND realize it was a sewing day. Not a four-project completion day or a ‘sew the Riviera Jacket in one day” day. Just a day to sew for several hours, make progress. Pam Erny says it’s not the interfacing, so that’s good news! I’d hate to think I really didn’t read the instructions 😉 That’s service – email your supplier and she, personally, responds. I think I might have used too much steam on the collar. I’ll try again, with a lower steam setting.

I feel better. The jacket is super cute (tried it on sans collar) and I’ll be very happy with it’s cropped and slightly swingy nature. I didn’t even notice the topstitching which had bothered me so on the pocket flaps when I sewed them. And I will cut a new collar and finish it up.

I moved on, to the Cross your Heart top by Christine Jonson, in a sage rayon lycra knit. Traced, cut and set aside. Traced the cropped Kwik Sew jacket, prewashedfour pieces of fabric – the peach twill, the butter twill and the peach stretch floral. The latter will be a shirt. The former will be the Kwik Sew jacket and the butter twill is destined for pants – probably the 1010 trouser pant with a modified fly front.

Tonight I reorganized all the patterns from the giant box back into binders which will go on the bookshelves in the basement. I feel better. When they were in the giant box from moving, I couldn’t find a thing, and having so many overwhelmed me. Ever have that feeling?

And I ran across so many great patterns – including a vintage shirtdress that is JUST DIVINE! shirred yoke, capsleeve, banded neckline button front, it would be perfect for one of those Japanese cottons! Too bad it’s not summer anymore! Perhaps in wool jersey with a turtleneck (and it does currently comply with the nursing-accessible dress requirement).

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