Did I need more patterns?

Sew Paradise, SWAP | August 26, 2008 | By

So, just a week or so ago I posted that I was on the lookout for more Vogue Elements. And the universe provided. In my in box was an ebay buy it now. So here are the ones I got!

Let’s see, there’s a cute dress, a hoodie dress, an evening dress, cargo pants , bermuda shorts and a moto jacket, yippee! And today, (edited tuesday) Hubs says they arrived! The sewist selling them was also in MI. Yay! I didn’t need more patterns, but hey, I sew A LOT. On Burda Style they asked how often you sew – such as once every few months, etc. and the ‘top’ one was ‘once a month’ – one garment a month? really? no, I sew way more than that. And I have a toddler!


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