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Tube tops

So I love Hot Patterns. My banded tube top is all the rage this summer – and I already have one!

banded tube top idea

But I did see this wrapover keyhole banded tube top which would make fantastic nursing access with a double front layer. Isn’t that perfect? I thought so. My fave color too. And hey, there’s some of that color in my stash already! I think I could even make a matching cardi to go over that. What a great weekend/vacation look!

That would look fantastic over white linen pants. I added white linen to my shopping bag at Fashion Fabrics Club (big sale) but haven’t yet pulled the trigger.  I also added brown gauze and white poplin (to make a white shirt from BWoF).

And then there’s the handbag sewing. After I make my couch pillow covers, and have leftovers of the black and whites, I’m going to use some to make a handbag for summer. Sigh.  summer. Spring even! I remember that I have my navy crochet shawl (actually they are mom’s) which will work fantastic over white linen pants, and this tube top combo.

Lime green moccasins. navy tube top, white linen pants (I have white denim pants but they will be much too large this summer). Oh it’s going to be a terrific summer!

I think I could make E. a tiered sundress in aqua. Or wait, she has one, so I could make a little shorts set – a tiered top and bloomer pants combo. Cute! She’s definitely getting a brown smocked halter top over a matching bloomer pant.

Most of sewing is concepting, and these are great concepts. I can’t wait to dig back into my shoe stash and see what I have for summer. I’m also deciding on a patent pair of shoes for spring/summer – I would like wedges in patent of some sort. This year we have a spring bridal shower and summer wedding.

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