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Winter babywearing sets

Coming soon! babywearing winter gift sets: Zip-in panel for most common styles of winter parkas, parent neckwarmer and matching baby hats!

No matter what carrier style you use, sling, soft structured like an Ergo, or even a Snugli or Baby Bjorn, the challenge of wearing a winter coat over a baby is always one parents face. You don’t want to put your babe in a snowsuit in a carseat – if you got into an accident, and the snowsuit compresses, your baby could fly out of the straps. Many parents now use the Peekaboo style car seat covers, but what do you do with your baby once you take them out of the carseat and Peekaboo cover? Wrestling them into a snowsuit carside doesn’t make for fun for anyone.

Many systems require you to leave your coat open, a challenge in a Midwestern winter like we have here, or the coats themselves are not suitable for weather that gets below 10 degrees F.

And then there’s the style problem. You already own a parka you probably like. I own two, from the North Face, and I wanted something that would be fun and stylish to zip my baby into. Enter the WinterBabyHug babywearing system:

  • Zip in, lined babywearing panel in two lengths, and several prints/colors, lined in fleece. Optional WindBlock layer available
  • Matching baby hat in a two-peaked, knotted or fringe style
  • Matching or coordinating parent neck warmer

I’m developing this line right now, what would you expect the value of this to be?

$25-30, $30-40, $40+? Post in the comments!

{This design is my own and copyright SewParadise. } A free tutorial will be available, for all items, non-commercial use only; you may not sell any you make from the tutorial, and that includes no sales on Etsy. They make fabulous baby shower gift sets! Subscribe to my blog to be notified about the free tutorial release!

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