Hot Patterns Dragonfly Kimono Pattern Review & Sewing Tips

I love this kimono! I’ll wax poetic about it on a video (below) but here’s my review of the HotPatterns Dragonfy Kimono sewing pattern and some sewing tips for it.

First, this is not your boxy kimono. There are plenty of those out there. This is shaped, dramatic and looks fabulous in a woven or a knit fabric (drapey fabrics are a must.)

I chose a woven rayon print for the body fabric, and dove deep in my scraps for berry colored silk noil. I literally pieced togerher enough for the front and back/bottom hem bands. I did not have enough for the sleeve bands. At the moment, it’s sleeve band-less, but I am going to make some self- fabric bands out of the rayon (interfaced lightly on the bands only.)

This pattern is rated advanced beginner for a good reason, there are instructions and drawings, but they assume some knowledge of how a garment is put together, and there are even some tricky bits that I’m going to clarify in the video (look to the end for the sleeve fold tutorial.)

Wear this kimono with:

Right now, I’m wearing it with a navy turtleneck and jeans, because winter, but in the spring, with jeans, white jeans, and a tee, in the summer with cutoff denim shorts and a tank top, and DEFINITELY at the beach, pool and lake over a swimsuit!

It’ll also be fabulous over white jeans and a tee with Birkenstocks, sitting at my favorite rooftop restaurant or outdoor brewery on a summer evening.

I also have worn it with a sweater and joggers around the house, too, as a lounge robe.