Tauko Sewing Pattern Magazine Review & Vintage Pattern Haul

Two goodies from my local fabric store this week: Tauko Sewing Pattern Magazine Review & Vintage Pattern Haul. I’ll talk about both in the video and blog post.

My LFS has a terrific owner who is wonderful at suggesting things that her customers like. While I was in taking a class at the adjoining yarn shop, I stopped in to get some labels for garments (that didn’t have swear words on them), the LFS owner pulled me aside. Side note: YES! I know, it’s THAT magical, a yarn store and a fabric store that adjoin. The yarn shop owner brings her Corgi puppy with her too. Swoon! Jessy pulled me aside and said “I got this donation you need to see.” She handed me THREE pair of pre-cut vintage jeans from 90s Calvin Klein patterns. Already cut. Zippers, buttons, interfacing and everything! The video below shows the fabrics already pre cut in a size 14 (she knows I’m nearabout a size 14 and can style a 90s jean.)

Somebody cut these, planned to make jeans and then… didn’t. They’re a pattern 14 which should fit me, but I can always adjust by using narrower side seams on all sections if needed to gain up to an inch bigger. Or creatively add side panels like a lot of the younger sewists are doing right now. Natalie Ebaugh of Daisychain Patterns had a pair on the other day like this that she made that are fabulous in white and brown denim with raw edges.

Tauko Magazine is another thing my LFS owner suggested. They were unpacking these as I was there, and I picked one up. At $30 it’s not cheap, but this FEELS like a sewing book with patterns. Heavy, beautiful, printed on thick paper, well- designed, with the patterns in it. You would not know it’s not a book. It’s an art/textile/maker magazine that feels like a book. A curl up with hot tea book as my LFS owner suggested on the shop’s Instagram reel.

In it are basic patterns with some fun details. There is a basic unisex tee, basic unisex drawstring wide pants and short and long robe (which would be great without a belt as a summer coverup), a couple of dresses, a coat, two bags, a swingy pullover with placket or quarter zip. One of the dresses is the “prairie dress” that’s super popular right now, that I cannot pull off as a dress, but would make a great duster worn open over pants and a tee instead (they show this in the magazine). I’ll share my sketches and some of the ways I’d make these my own – a “coastal grandmother” style with stripes, cream, navy, white and green with spring/summer fabrics.

Each issue has different patterns! I recommend looking at this next time you’re in your local indie fabric store.

The video above shows some sneak peeks inside the magazine. I am wearing a thrifted Lands End ribbed turtleneck, a wool vest from HotPatterns which I think is currently not available on their Etsy site, and the (not shown) Pietra pant skinny in camel corduroy. The vest is gray knit wool and perfect for a cold day. DaisyChain Patterns has a very similar one that would be perfect in fleece or quilted fabric.