First sewing pattern of 2024 and Planning a new year of sewing

I finished my first sewing pattern of 2024 and am planning a new year of sewing. Whether you use the turn of a new year (or September, or the first day of spring) to plan your next year, I encourage you to enjoy this process. It’s NOT necessarily a to do list, but a wish list, a plan, a chance to dream.

I sewed ME 2033, the Know Me patterns Wave Set from the Handmade Millennial. I’ve sewn this one before too. I wanted to make a winter version, and this black/black herringbone reversible double knit from deep stash is perfect!

I didn’t change anything – I sewed a 16 and I did last time too (the knit is more forgiving, and heavier, so I need to take the elastic in a full 2″ from my measured length. I have to unpick some slip stitching, unstitch the elastic and tighten it up again!

I love the curved panels on the winter version too.

This is an easy pattern to sew – if you’re making it for the first time, I recommend the stable knit – a sweatshirting, French terry, double knit, or ponte – for your first one. It’s easier to get the curved panels sewn. When you make your first woven, you’ll be clipping the curves and pinning like mad – and sewing very slowly as you go around the convex/concave curves. The knit is easier to sew the first time.

I also made the top the first time but I don’t have enough to make a top out of the second one, so I might do a black-and-cream one to coordinate. I can wear short sleeved tops in winter, under a cardigan or blazer – and this would be super fun under an oversized black (knit) blazer!

Styling the KnowMe Wave Set: Handmade Millennial has some great posts on her insta on how she styles this – including a crop top, oversized sweaters, floral and print versions, light/bright colors, and she has some great sewing tips here too. I will wear these black and gray ones with hoodies, cashmere turtlenecks (my “extra warm” clothing of choice in the winter” in cream, light gray, geranium red, charcoal gray and black. I will also style it with a cozy sherpa fleece bomber jacket and probably an oversized blazer. Definitely sneakers for me, but the pants would be great with a chunky loafer.

I’ll definitely cinch up the elastic in the waist again this week – and I strongly recommend that you do the “safety pin and walking around with elastic” for an hour – I like to secure (stitch) one side, and then safety pin with 2 pins the other end and tuck it inside the waistband). Walk around with the pants on for at least an hour and adjust the elastic as needed. I didn’t do this, which is the reason why I’m taking it out for the second time. You’d think I’d have learned the first time!

I am totally counting this as my Make Nine for 2024 (see my Make Nine for 2023 below) Looking for a Make Nine Wardrobe Sewing planner? Get it at the form below.

For the Make Nine challenge, you commit to making nine items in the year. For 2024, I”ll have a separate post for my Make Nine for that, but you can believe I am absolutely counting the Know Me Wave set ME2033 pants as my first garment of 2024. Do you do that too? Finish something, add it to a list and then CHECK IT OFF! So much of a dopamine hit there 😉

Make Nine 2023

How’d I do on that Make Nine from last year? I sewed 5 of the 9 garments, and then I made a bunch more NOT on that list that popped up throughout the year – including this pattern above. I think that the planners are just that, paper and pencil – you can choose to change your mind when something new and fun pops up. And it’s OK to do that. Give yourself the permission to enjoy the planning process but not having to stick to the plan or even a schedule. Sewing is supposed to be fun!