Planning ahead

I bought fabric to sew the new baby some new baby stuff, but as it turns out, the only thing he might possibly need are some newborn pants, because lord knows we have dozens of onesies. Maybe a sweater or two.

I would also like some new nursing tops – I’m thinking a sleeveless version (or two) out of print knits of Jalie 2787, and probably a 3/4 sleeve, bateau neck of Elizabeth Lee’s Nursing Classics NC 307 with no buttons, in a knit, with the empire overlay.

Aah, it’s nice to dream ahead, and know as much as I do know about how things might go (nevermind, I don’ t know exactly, but I am much more confident as a mother, and at least I know where to get support if I need it).

It was so great to unpack all the baby stuff and see what might work for the new baby. It was so much fun to carefully fold each thing and put them in the changing table storage bins. It’s been a weekend of turning inward, and that’s OK. Next weekend is our last get away weekend, and after that, it’s all about turning inward. It’s all about focusing on this time, about focusing on these last months of baby (30 weeks now) in belly, before baby joins us in our arms instead.

Loving it. Can’t believe I’m lucky enough to do this again. I feel surrounded and infused with love right now. It’s such a wonderful thing.

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