Sewing Pattern Review of the Slit Skirt by Christine Jonson Patterns

Midi knit skirt with front slit sewing pattern hack
On the left, a JCrew sweater (thrifted) over the Slit Skirt/ Pencil Skirt with front slit hack from Christine Jonson Patterns and on the right, a CAbi blouse from my closet.

I recently broke out the Slit Skirt by Christine Jonson Patterns. Inspired by the Jan/Feb 2020 issue of Sew News magazine (I’m a print+ digital subscriber), I wanted to make a slim, front slit skirt to wear with oversized slouchy sweaters, unstructured jackets and cropped tees.

In the magazine, the model wears a slim sweater knit skirt with sneakers, a long sleeve v-neck sweater and a hand-dyed Wiksten Haori, which is next up on my list – both the hand-dye and the Haori jacket. (The cover of this magazine is soft pink with a model in a pink sweater and artfully frayed jeans.)

I love the modern, chic, yet casual skirt look. My job is to coach creative & health coaching entrepreneurs in building their businesses through technology. So I spend 100% of my day at my desk, sitting or standing. I need comfort and I love style. This skirt fits the bill (and so will the entire outfit once I’m done.)

I modified the skirt using the instructions at the Christine Jonson Patterns blog here.

My fabric is rayon/nylon/lycra ponte knit, and this ponte is LUSCIOUS. The rayon ponte is the only one you want, and this particular one is so deluxe it feels like sweater knit. Super luxe fabric makes a difference. You could also do this in cotton/lycra too.

The skirt is going to be my go-to skirt for long car trips and plane trips that I have this spring – it’s comfortable and cozy and still offers some venting, because, after all, I am running a little hot these days! It’s narrow enough to ride a bicycle in (this is important as I use bike share and/or bring my bicycle for city travel.)  And it’s perfectly suited for both work (conference) or casual (vacation) travel. (** bwahahahaha, note the date on this post – Feb 2020! Turns out, I did travel in March, but then was stuck at home with the rest of the world for the next 18 months!)

The fabric I chose is 65% rayon, 5% lycra and the rest nylon. It’s been in my stash a while, from back when Christine used to sell fabric as well. But so much great knit fabric abounds that you can find similar quality (look for mostly rayon in your ponte!)

This was an easy and satisfying sew. I modified the slit to be equal on both sides (not overlapping) and I added a security stitch across the front of the slit so it doesn’t pull out if it’s under strain. I sewed the hack as per the blog post and made no other modifications. I do recommend that you try on your waistband, and make it tighter than you think you need to, because tomorrow, it will feel looser!

After making this, and wearing it with a tucked-in v-neck top (also a Christine Jonson pattern) and a draped lightweight boiled wool vest (yet another Christine Jonson pattern!) I decided that I really should have more of these polished knit garments. I wear jeans and tees most of the time, or jeans and sweaters in the winter, and this outfit is both chic and comfortable.