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nursing fashionista

Today, I’ve layered a print wrap nursing dress (motherwear) over a black turtleneck, worn with black boots and tights, and long gold chain necklace. It’s a very chic look, and the t-neck is cozy under the dress. It’s good, comfortable outfit, and professional. I’ll be in front of City Council tonight.

Add my crinkled gold leather (pleather) handbag, it’s very chic.

Everyday Paradise

why math and decaf don’t mix (knitting)

I had mama-hour tonight. I go, one night per week, for about an hour, to a local coffee shop to knit. DH takes weds evening – he gets home generally about 10-10:30 from sailing and dinner, so I take Thursdays. Though I’m only gone an hour.

Knitting is usually safe for my mental state after working all week, but tonight, after a long and tiring week, I skipped over one line on my pattern, the one that says “continue for five rows” (well it doesn’t actually SAY that, it says 72 sts, and the next row says 78 sts which between them is 5 rows. OOPS I skipped over it to another section and moved ahead, missing the five rows.) SO! I have to figure out if it’ll work or if I’m taking out several rows. If I mate it up to the back I already knitted several years ago and they’re the same size, no biggie. If I need the extra half inch, I’ll be taking it out!

That’s the challenge of being in a mentally-demanding, deadline-driven workplace, and then coming home and trying to do something requiring paying attention. And math.

I started this sweater years ago – a funnel-neck sleeveless in a very pale blue/green fuzzy mohair-like yarn. I figured I’d better get some of these unfinished objects finished around here. So much of my life was on hold for four years, and now that it’s not on hold, I’ve made tremendous progress in my hobbies.

But the sweater is too big now, so I’ll also be knitting long I-cord ties to wind around the waist to cinch it up a little.

After I finish this (just a few inches to go, plus those ties) I’m going to get to work on a poncho for baby E. for this fall. I bought fun yarn in France last fall to make it.

I used to have a knitting circle, and I do have a possible one to start with some work friends, but I’m reluctant. I like my quiet alone time. I pop on my iPod to drown out the other conversations at the outdoor cafe and wile away an hour knitting & purling.

This weekend I’m sewing purple. Yes, that’s right, all garments with purple thread. Good thing they’re all purple garments, eh?

Actually, the first one is a silk duppioni sling for a friend’s baby. The second is that Hot Patterns Sugar Babe jacket. And if there’s fabric left over, a top cap sleeve yoke-front top from 7/08 BWoF. I already have a clutch in purple leather.

Everyday Paradise Shopping SWAP

What is it with the shoes?

Am I that skinny? I stepped on the scale after dinner, 110 lbs. My lowest is 109 (in the last 20 years) and that was last month. But that still doesn’t explain how an 8N from three years ago in my collection fits fine, but an 8N now is swimmingly wide! The cork wedges are going back….sigh, my fourth pair back. Hubs didn’t understand “why not go try them on at the store?” because no one carries 8N in the store!! Anyway, it is a drag. I did put cute pink SummerSoles suede insoles in my white sandals in my collection. They’ll be great with the HotPatterns Sugar Babe pants in linen this summer. And they didn’t cost me a dime (this year anyway.)

I also bought some thread and the steam a seam that I needed to finish the Hot Patterns Sugar Babe tube top from my MINI SWAP for this spring. We have til July, but it’s halfway to June now. And I still have the Burda shirtdress in denim to tackle (slooowly, see my previous post.)

I’m itching for a new handbag for summer. I’ve got to go stash diving and see what I have. I think I’ll make a commercial pattern – sometimes that’s easier and gets me over the hump of having to design something. Right now, I need easy.

Everyday Paradise

think like an Italian

Think back to Italy. Women in perfectly cut clothing. Not a lot of clothing either – just well-done items of quality.

Look into my closet. Too much stuff. Needs to fit better. Need less stuff. Need to focus on Italian style.

So my goal for this summer will be to weed out the dregs in my wardrobe – not the right color, things that are too big, whatever. If I pull it out and I don’t absolutely think it fits this Italian criteria, it goes. Either into storage if it’s too big, or to goodwill if it’s not the right color.

Same with accessories and shoes. Shop for quality, not quantity. Yes, I can get another pair of shoes – and I know which ones I want (the Aerosoles Picnic, probably in silver). But that means those other shoes need to go. You know the ones, the horsey black walking sandals. And the pink ‘what was I thinking’ too-tight wal-mart specials.

Same goes for sewing – I need to focus on quality and details. SLOW down.