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Love my stuff

I started a resolution this year to love our stuff – all the stuff that we have around our house, from mom’s china to our pizza dough recipe book. This also includes my large wardrobe, my large scarf and accessory wardrobe and my shoes.

If it’s not loved, it gets to go somewhere it can be loved by someone else. This week, I donated seven pairs of dressy pants and my favorite Jcrew suit , all of which are now too large. I dropped them at a friend’s house who is collecting them for the Dress for Success women’s center clothes closet. They outfit a woman in need with a great new wardrobe to interview in, right down to accessories. My suit, trusty and knock-em-dead gorgeous on the right size 8-10 body, is all that. When I got there, I commented that I had all pants. But she’d just had another friend drop off 10 blouses, so we joked that her blouses + my pants = dress for success outfits!

So in the Love Our Stuff posts, weekly, I’ll post one outfit image, what other stuff we used and whom we loved it with (friends go better with cappucino, don’t you think?)

Same goes for sewing from my stash, planning things to sew from my stash – both patterns and fabric. I’m headed to Pattern Review Weekend in Chicago, with a day of shopping, and that there is a big risk to add to the stash without planning, so I’ve committed to swatching and planning what I really need, setting a budget and doing what I’m doing so well – finding time to sew every week.

stash game

Sewing from stash….

and making a huuuge dent in the Stash game – a baby sling from a japanese calico cotton took nearly 5 yards AND I’m making a handbag out of the remaining side pieces cut off the sling, plus a 1/2 yard cut of some other fabric for a lining.

I’m designing the bag to have a larger gathered section at bottom, applied to a 6″ wide (tall) band. The band is folded over, so the first 6″ or so of the bag are the outside fabric, before a lining piece is showing. Long handles, it’ll be nice!

I’m doing all of this for charity – it’s a gift bag for the Mid Michigan breastfeeding walk 9 days from now (so I’ll be sewing tomorrow and part of Saturday pending Peanut’s illness and our trip to Chicago). I’m sewing a double sided baby sling, the handbag, bought a nursing top on clearance, and will include a bag of relaxing bath salts – the whole thing I’m calling my Pretty Mama nursing set. It’ll be lovely! And along the way, I’ve crafted yet another handbag pattern, quite by accident.

I’m actually quite excited about this gift for the silent auction, actually. It’s fun to sew for others! After all this, I’ll get back to sewing the things I cut out on vacation. The Elizabeth Lee nursing classics dress, the Riviera cardigan, the Elizabeth Lee toddler dress. Those two I’d like to have done by next week too but realistically, probably not. Maybe, though.