One-minute date summer outfit with wide leg pants

Pair your Pietra wide leg pants with a large pareo scarf for a one-minute date or summer outfit.

I follow an Italian boutique owner and to save you the trouble of translating Italian, I’ve done her tutorial here, in English.

I have paired a pair of wide leg pants – these are the Pietra by Closet Core in a linen/rayon in green that I purchased from my LFS Seams Fabric (they do mail order)> I also made these in a natural color too, I love them so much. I’ve made five pairs!

In this video, I use a large gauze scarf/pareo – you’ll need a big one to do this – and turn it into a bandeau tunic top with a rosette at the top. You’ll need an elastic hair tie or scrunchie.

This fun summer outfit is a great date outfit – and looks good on everyone – the pareo floats over the wide leg pants, and even as we age, our shoulders always look awesome.

Pro tip: Use a good moisturizer on your face, neck, shoulders and chest, and on top, a luminizing sunscreen like Mad Hippie Luminizing Sunscreen. It has organic /sustainably sourced Mica in it, and is a lightweight mineral based sunscreen that does not go on white on your skin.

For other sewing patterns that would work well for the pants, try these:

The Pietra Pants from Closet Core

The Taper/Wide Leg pants from Christine Jonson Patterns

The Marrakkesch Xpress pants from HotPatterns

The Palazzo from HotPatterns

Or any OOP/in your stash wide leg elastic waist pant that you have. Sew them in a very drapey fabric like silk, rayon, lightweight linen.

If you want a structured wide leg pant, try the awesome Ann-Normandy wide leg pant.