Pattern Review: Pio Pant by Ready to Sew

I chose the Pio pant by Ready to Sew, a French designer, for this pattern review. These are easy to sew (rated advanced beginner) pant pattern with nice details and a fabulous fit. Ready to see how they look?

The Pio pant is an advanced beginner pant pattern featuring front seaming, inset pockets, elastic waist, tapered leg and cropped to the ankle length. The pant is well drafted, with good instructions and is easy to sew. I made ZERO changes. Yes, zero, to these pants. Your body differs from mine of course, so you might make some. I’m 5’3″ with extra long legs and arms, so I never sew petite garments because i need length in both leg and arm. They are designed for a 5’6″ person.

The pants feature Everybody’s Favorite Pocket to Sew™ LOL, these are a deep inset pocket that uses a front seam in the center to anchor the pockets. You’ll find these on the Christine Jonson Perfect Pants (wide, skinny or flare, knit fabric), the Closet Core Pietra, the Pio and several other variations like the Arenite pant (which uses the side seam/panel for that.)

They are DEEP. But also, the pants come with back pockets which I think improves the back view of an elastic waist pant AND it gives you one additional spot to put your stuff.

I sewed these with my sewing machine and my serger (to finish the seams), but you could finish the seams with your sewing machine too. They go together very straightforward with good instructions. The waistband is a facing that folds to the inside and then elastic is inserted in the casing. Very simple to sew. The pants can be worn rolled or not, they finish at the ankle bone.

I sewed these in a heavier bottom weight cotton (but not twill as I say in the video, there’s no diagonal twill weave). Any linen, cotton, batik, etc. type of medium weight fabric would be perfect for these. You can even use babywale cord, which would be awesome for winter and fall. I made a size 45 from the envelope, they have two size ranges, a standard going up to 48 and a curvy going from 44 on up.They have a very generous size range for all. I’m 5’3″ and wear a 10-12 in RTW and a 12-16 in sewing patterns.

I love the 90s “carrot” shape (tapered to the hem although I only hear the term “carrot” in Europe/european designers.)

I also reviewed the Pleat wide leg pant from Ready to Sew here, if you want a wide leg elastic waist pattern with some distinctive details.

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